How Integrative Medicine Works

What are the Benefits of Integrative Medicine ?

Integrative Medicine isn’t a renegade brand of healthcare that disregards medical literature or
common practices in exchange for some radical, off-the-beaten-path remedy. It actually
combines the tried and true practices of conventional, Western medicine with appropriate
natural therapies to achieve a level of optimal health and healing that otherwise may have never been truly obtained. It’s no secret that in this day and age, pharmaceutical companies push their products onto practicing physicians, and unfortunately, we have descended into a culture of pill-dependence.

How does Integrative Medicine Work ?

Luckily though, Integrative Medicine, as mentioned earlier, adopts a holistic formula, and a more natural one, in which takes into account the lifestyle and individual habits of a patient. Instead of masking the symptoms with a proverbial Band-Aid (or a list of different pills), the holistic doctor will widen the net so to speak, in order to include otherwise overlooked components of an individual’s life and biological makeup. They will promote healthy lifestyle choices and habits, listen to pre-existing or lifelong complaints in the hopes of finding neglected patterns, and leave the patient with a clearer outlook on their overall health and wellbeing. How good is that?